Relationships; Protecting & Opening Your Heart

My bestie. My ride or die. My day one. My BFF. Those are some appreciative, loving slangs that I don’t see myself using on anyone other than my sister and a future lover. Here’s the thing behind that – I am scared of trust. I am scared of wholly trusting someone who is not my sister, brother, father, mother or romantic partner (someone who has shown so much love to me to the point that I could take him in as family). This fear resulted from others’ stories of betrayal and also my personal experiences of disappointment from people that I trusted. Fear of disappointment resides within every individual. However, it should not hinder us from being the best people that we can be. We are all human and no human being is lacking of imperfection. I have failed people, and people have failed me too. My encounter with imperfection and disappointments in friendships have caused me to be patient in my relationships with amazing people. I try to reward some of my friends who I really appreciate. Trust me, I don’t use the technique of let’s share secrets with each other to keep my relationships blooming. However, I organize meet ups with them, call them non-extreme, but sweet and appreciative romantic names like Boo, Honey, Darling; I invite them to events that I will be attending. Also, thanks to technology, I check up on my good friends often. Good friendships are amazing. They boost your happiness, give you positive energy when you feel down and they empower you to keep being who you are as staying true to you has attracted some wonderful people into your life. Don’t be an Island, make friends, be good to your friends, be patient with the ones that make you happy and move away from those that make you sad and probably, make you doubt yourself. Yesterday, my sister and I had lunch with a friend, Omolade, who we had not seen in a while. We had lots of genuine bursts of laughter and it was a bonding moment. It was so admirable to see that a friendship that was built in a short period has stood the test of time, and holds a great deal of love. My sister still asks me in awe – How come she (Omolade) loves me like this? There must always be angels amidst a mixed up, confusing crowd.

My Questions For You? – Does  your fear of betrayal/disappointment restrict you in your relationships with people? – What are some things that you hope to do to build relationships with people? (Personally, I aim to start greeting my neighbours!)

Love & Peace,


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