Looking Beyond Our Imperfections and Sharing Our Truths

I was recently editing a blogpost with the help of my sister when I suddenly thought: You know, I am sometimes guilty of doing the things that I tell my blog readers not to do. For example, I was thinking, sometimes I do not forgive easily; sometimes I dwell on things that make me sad. After taking a short guilt trip, I realized something that I had to mention. I told my sister: I share my truths with others not because I am perfect, but because I know that my truths can help people including myself. My definition of “my truths” is – things that the instructor knows are factual and helpful to mankind, and some of these things, the instructor, in his/her human nature may not be perfect at adhering to. I learn from my truths. I use them often in my life, but I am not perfect at applying them at all times. Imperfection does not mean that we should hold back realities from others. I may not be 100% positive everyday but I know that living that way or close to that way, will pay off richly on the human body both physically and mentally. Thus, I will keep sharing my truth that everyone should let happiness and positivity in, and try to discard negative thoughts. Personally, there are many times when other people’s truths have healed me, and motivated me. Some people share their truths through their books, their quotes, their openness on their social networks e.t.c. Like I wrote on Twitter at the peak of my inner revelation of ‘sharing my truths’, – Share your truths with others, not because you are perfect, but because people need to know that no one is perfect and that they are not alone in their imperfections. – Your truths will uplift others. They will help people realize that imperfections are human and that improvement is a possibility. – Share your truths, and share the love that dwells within you. Be a light to others. A good point to note is that you should not share all your truths with everyone and/or just anyone. Remember that the world we live in has its fair share of disappointments and betrayals. Share those truths that you are not afraid to share, with – family, friends and acquaintances. However, for those truths that you are not very comfortable with letting out, and for truths which you only want a limited number of people to know, you should talk to a professional. For example – a psychologist, a religious leader, a counsellor. These individuals are expected to handle people’s personal matters with anonymity, so it is okay to trust them. This blog has been a medium for me to share my truths with the world, for a month now. A month today was when I established and started Blurred Creations! 😀 Through this blog, I have been able to share my passions, concerns, life experiences and ideas with the public. Get open. Share your truths to inspire, to educate, to encourage, to heal, to motivate. Happy birthday to our blog – Blurred Creations! Thank you SOOO much my dear followers and readers for being with me, Chiamaka, on this journey for the past month!:)
My questions for you?

– Why do you share your truths with others?

– What do you gain from people sharing their truths with you or the public?



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