Day by day

It is such a dilemma trying to develop ideas on how you can change the world. Especially, as the world encompasses numerous societies, peoples and beliefs. How then can one person solve all the world’s issues? Thinking about that is a burden in itself but then there is that almost insurmountable burden to act. In a way, the burden pressures you to try, to start from somewhere, and that makes sense. Anybody who made an impact in the world started by first trying, by first acting.

Changing the world is such a broad concept, sometimes it needs to be narrowed down for us to ease the pressure on ourselves and that is important. Work at your own pace but is there really a sequence to go about tackling world change? I think not. You can start with the issues closest to the community or country that you call home. Infact, first start by evaluating yourself and working towards imparting within yourself – those values that you feel can create a better community or country. As you do this, you can become a part of a larger movement that seeks to make a positive impact in a variety of communities and countries, around the world. Think of organizations like Change.org, Amnesty International. By just signing their petitions, you are aiding justice for many people, from different places. There is no sequence to social change and any effort you take is making an impact.

It is very convincing to give up on contributing to positive change. It seems as though there is always going to be that news headline that will come along when you just thought the world was now rid of that particular problem. You feel void of hope of a better world, you are tired of convincing yourself that some world issues are worth the effort being put into eradicating them. These feelings are human. You must allow for mourning but don’t throw away your tools of struggle. Don’t give up on the world. Think of it this way – We all only have one special world. If you and I and everyone else do not make an effort to keep it grounded, then what or who else (from what other earth) will?

Remember to allow yourself that period of doubt but try hard not to suppress that conviction within you that says that you are powerful and that every little step you make matters. This is a note to you and also, a note to me.

Love & Peace,


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