Now, there will be no more pain but beautiful mornings. RIP Sandra Bland


Sandra Bland was outspoken about the injustice that African-Americans often face. Footage from several of her inspirational videos where she would call on social change, have emerged. She would greet her viewers saying “Goodmorning my beautiful kings and queens”. She spoke with grace and calmness as she talked about injustice and the need for society as a whole to work towards social change, fairness and equality. She spoke with brilliance. Today, that brilliance, that beautiful queen is gone.

On July 10, in Waller County, Texas, Sandra Bland was stopped for changing lanes without any signalling and was later arrested on the allegation that she had assaulted an officer. Three days after her arrest, she was found dead in her cell room. Bland was 28 years old. Her death has been ruled a suicide. However, her family, the public and myself are not buying that. There is suspicion of foul play all around. In America, police has many times, been everything but a friend to African-Americans. Many unarmed black people because of their skin colour, have been shot dead by police officers. The stories of such murders are numerous and disturbing, so this particular story that Sandra Bland would have taken her own life is not one that will be easily embraced. More investigating is needed. Coupled with the fact of police brutality on black people in America, Sandra Bland was visibly full of life, full of hope for social change. As observable from her videos, she struck a presence of someone who was not quitting. She was in this life to win. So, we are really asking the police – what happened to Sandy Bland?

As many wait for more details to emerge, I feel so sad that an activist for racial equality and unity like Sandra Bland possibly went through the evils that she so wanted to work towards getting rid of. In several different videos that Sandy had recorded, she can be seen saying things like – “I was asked was I trying to racially unite or racially insight. My goal is to racially unite.”, “I’m going to call out racism wherever I see it.”, “for the ones who want to get on on my page talking about ‘all lives matter’, show me in American history where all lives have mattered. Where has there been liberty and justice for all?”.

Thank you Sandy for your service to humanity. I wish that you now sleep well in the place where there will always be beautiful mornings and where there is no more pain and injustice. God bless you.

Love & Peace,


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