Acknowledging our truths

To truly live life is to live in the most genuine expression of yourself. That is, to live in your truth – to make the rules of your own life, to listen to your body and trust in your own gut. This is not to say that your truth must be unquestionable. It certainly is open for scrutiny from family and friends – and this can positively influence your truth. However, it is first through the expression of your true self that you can then open up for alteration, certain ideas and attitudes that you hold.

So, living in your truth is about sharing. It is about letting those closest to you understand through conversation and mingling, what your pet peeves are and what your favourite things about people and life are. It is about making yourself vulnerable to judgement from even those you love. It is about taking the wise words, the constructive criticism but standing in your truth against wrongful judgement.

Living in your truth is about having comfort in the way and manner that you choose as the right way to live your life. It is about being comfortable with – cutting ties from people who put you down, showing love back to the people that value you and maintaining that bond, as well as never letting anyone tamper with your self-esteem. It is truly about observing life and people and choosing for yourself, a truth of what it means for you to live aright, in comfort and in love.

Living in your truth is about understanding that there are differences between human beings and so, the fact that you do not necessarily fit in with the expectations of a few does not mean that you are not good enough. There are people out there who can connect with you and as you go along in life, you will meet such people. However, it is most important that you can believe in your truth as long as you can truly see the positivity in it. By listening to your body and your mind, you are accessing your truth.

Everyday, I am learning to live in my truth – to listen to my body and my mind, to live in love and to smile easily at strangers even on my toughest days. I am learning everyday to never forget that I, just like you, am enough and that my truth does not have to match everyone else’s but it must be positive and it must be good for me.

Now, I want to hear from you. How do you live in the truth of who you are? Please let me know in the comment section:)

Love & Peace,


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