"You are not alone", Going blank, Inter-connectedness

When We Go Blank, We Draw from The Universe


Since Friday, I had been contemplating what I will be writing on, today. Different ideas floated around in my head but I was not satisfied. At a point, I was looking at my screen feeling blanked out – till I thought to myself that surely there must be something that I have learnt from people and experiences which is worth sharing, today. One thought did eventually win. That was the  thought that it is impossible to not have a story or an experience to share in a world where people are so connected and in which interactions occur, everyday. The world is so inter-connected. No news is missed and ideas are easily transferred from place to place.

In this article, going blank will be given different meanings tapped from the general meaning that we all know.

When I get heartbroken at social injustices going on in the world and there is usually an urge to force myself to blank out of ideas on world change. In that process of re-engineering my mind, I will come across an article on Martin Luther King Jr,, people who are helping to repair a defaced mosque or I will receive an uplifting message from my sister (Ebele) – and my mind immediately goes back to reality and to my truth. One can go blank in many ways and for different reasons and when you do, remember that you can draw ideas and strength from the universe.

It is easy to imagine how victims of bullying must feel when people who they know nothing about gather together and create social media initiatives to counter bulling and transfer the shame to the perpetrators. Just when a victim must have thought that he or she was alone in this battle – hundreds, thousands emerge to reinforce that previously seemingly-false thought that probably goes like this: “You are not alone”. That blank space is filled up.

Random acts of kindness are good reinforcers of that notion that though there are lots of scars on humanity in our world, its (humanity’s) beauty still exists. Those instances when a service provider, a stranger etc., has gone the extra mile to help and please you – are reminders that truly we can draw from the universe for love, care and a sense of direction.

Do not spend your precious time thinking of why you may not be good enough but use your time to tap into the wealth and beauty of humanity that exists for you and everyone else.



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