Monopoly Alert: Innovators are gradually leading the world

It is the people who are bold enough to create that are constantly dominating and improving the world. They are the ones who refuse to follow norms that are applied at ‘whatever cost’. They are creators. They challenge broken systems of governance. They are the ones who will work for a person, organization or group, while they simultaneously think of ways that they can build something from their own brand. They are the ones who will not ignore the most intrusive of their talents. They are the ones that make world change seem to be a possibility. Good politicians also fall under the category of – innovators.

Every human being is a unique brand, but no brand comes to life if it is not worked upon. You must believe that you can transcend barriers, challenge systems, transcend glass ceilings and stereotypes … basically, you must believe in the greatness that lies within you – to build on your own brand. The world is moving more and more into the hands of creators, the self-believers. These people give hope to – the hopeless, the victims of war and oppression and social inequities. They give hope to the concerned wealthy. Most innovators are taking over in order to mend broken systems. They do not belong to a clique (people have the right to do what they can, to improve systems in the world). They are not in cliques but they are an open group – always welcoming more ideas, change makers and in general, brands that are willing to self-explore for good.

These creators that are gaining monopoly over crucial systems in the world, are not perfect. That is obvious from their stories. What is also deductible from their stories is that they decided to move out of their comfort zones to create, to be judged, to learn from criticism and to serve. We have seen such traits in people like Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Bill Gates and many more. Hopefully, this monopoly will cease to exist soon and rather it will be a norm of our world, that every individual is a self-believer and cares about making our world a better place.



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