Analyzing Entrepreneurship from The Crux of The Concept

There are two sides to every story. Entrepreneurs are not entirely selfish people who are only concerned about the bottom line – profits, and at the expense of labour. There are people who go into entrepreneurship because they care about being innovators who can provide something avant-garde, which will be useful to others. They share their gifts with others.

As alluded to above, not all people who deem themselves – ‘entrepreneurs’ care. Just like you, I buy things and I have been to stores and private companies that seem not to care about the customer. It is really just a financial interaction. There is no aim for relationship building. I have had the honour of interviewing some outstanding entrepreneurs, hearing about the stories of others and even observing outstanding entrepreneurs. What I have noticed is that entrepreneurs are creators who want to be motivators of future creators. They care. They like people. They are philanthropists. They love to chat and be vulnerable. They want to find ways to help you put your talents to use. This is the good side and a major part of entrepreneurship. Implementing entrepreneurship in ways that are subpar (with regard to creating value and developing creative people), is not true entrepreneurship.

Not everyone has to be an entrepreneur in the sense of being financially independent or working in the private sector. A lot of hardships would be experienced, if there were no bureaucrats helping us to access information that members of the public need. How about our doctors, lawyers e.t.c., working for the government. The public sector is very much a valuable sector. There are people who want to contribute positively to the lives of others and to their society, and they may deem either working in the public sector or the private sector, the best way to achieve those goals. For now, and in line with the ideas that I am passionate about such as social justice and financial independence, I think that the private sector is best suited for me. From that angle, I can liaise with governments on policy-related issues, but also have the freedom to contribute to society in the ways that I choose to. This is the awesomeness that I have found in entrepreneurship. It is positive and empowering.

My question for you is – What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

Let me know!



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One thought on “Analyzing Entrepreneurship from The Crux of The Concept

  1. Great blog. There are many entrepreneurs out there who have good hearts, and beautiful stories behind their work. In my opinion, that’s what entrepreneurship should be about –> heart and brilliant innovations.

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