Is Being Busy with Certain Things Paying Off?

You have all probably been so busy with and committed to performing a task and then when you are done, discover that you wasted your time on it. Why? Maybe because you put so much effort into doing the wrong thing or because when you were done, you were informed that the outcome was no longer needed. I have encountered these experiences.

It is very possible to be so busy but realistically unproductive. When you are in the process of choosing a degree, applying for a job and/or looking for an organization to volunteer for e.t.c., you have to conduct a thorough analysis to ensure that the task will be maximizing your potential.

These days I do a lot of decluttering when I search for opportunities and when opportunities come my way. I create a mental scale of preference and arrange all these opportunities according to the ones that will be most useful in boosting my personal development – intellectually, financially and socially (ability to contribute to the society). This logic has helped me to be meaningfully busy, in the sense that I can feel occupied and stressed but still happy to be taking on the tasks. I enjoy the work and the pressure.

As you apply the filtering/decluttering process, you gradually become so used to it that every interview invite, job opportunity, idea, as well as your current jobs and responsibilities, all of them will require a thorough analysis. Lol! It is a very useful process. You get to save time and direct your energy and resources to the things that are really worth the effort. Note that the benefits may not come instantly but you will know that you are in the process of achieving great things.

Make it a point of duty to get meaningfully busy. Weigh your options based on which will:

-help you make use of and improve your skills

-lead you to achieving your goals

If you feel like you need it, start decluttering, today:)



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