Decluttering May Be Underrated

You probably always experience a feeling of relief when you complete an activity that has been on your mind or on your to-do-list, for some time. The relief that came upon me after I did some decluttering, this week, has been one of the main highlights of my week.

I got rid of both heavy and light university textbooks that I no longer needed, some of which I used back in my 1st year at university; in the process of re-organizing my room, I was able to make space by removing things that were no longer of value to me and some things that I knew that I would never use (e.g. manuals and tutorial CDs). These activities took time and were not easy to get done, however the after-effect of more space brought so much joy to me. Plus, the twist of the organizing process was how it pointed my mind to why decluttering is necessary not just in our homes, but also in our lives.

As human beings, we often practice decluttering (though we may not use that word. I never did till now:)), in our lives and in our relationships with people, including family members. At a point, you decide to stop asking a particular person for advice, you decide to stop going to unwind at a particular place e.t.c The happiness that I got from the decluttering that I did in my apartment, reminded of how happiness is sometimes the outcome when I practice decluttering in my relationships with people and essentially, in my life. Negative and fair-weather friends; your own tendency to stay at places that do not bring you joy; your tendency to patronize a particular store with bad customer service; your tendency to think negative and act negatively to people and so on – need a re-organization. In life, we constantly need to go through re-organizations because we continually meet new people; life brings different situations some of which can change our mindset and we become negative people at some level(s).

How can you declutter in your life? You can reduce the time that you spend with people who often hurt you with negative words and doubt, that is, if you cannot completely cut them off (especially, family members) by not picking their calls and by not contacting them; explore other stores that offer the service that you visit the bad-customer-service store for; when bad situations hit, try as much as you can to start doing those things that make you happy and talk to those positive, uplifting persons who are close to you.

Not allowing people’s negative words and actions easily get to me, and trying to stop making wrong meanings of things that people said or did without meaning to hurt me are major declutter tasks that I have been tackling for some time and I am finally making progress, especially with the former.

What are some declutter tasks that you are completing/have completed on yourself and with regard to your relationships? Let me know!:)

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