Lest We Forget

This week was back-to-school for me and during my first class for a course that I am taking this semester, something beautiful happened. Before the professor proceeded with her main address to the class, she reminded us that we were seated on Algonquin land – Indigenous land. She said that not only to revere Canada’s Indigenous peoples who owned the land, but also, to spur gratitude in our heart towards them. Indigenous people are housing us as well as a lot of Ottawarians and non-Indigenous persons, on their land. So, I thought that was an important reminder.

Why do we have to put emphasis on recognizing certain people? – why are there public holidays set aside to recognize certain people?; why does the federal government of Canada hold state funerals for select deceased politicians?; why do people share quotes by certain individuals, on social media? e.t.c.

My conception is that to encourage people, generations and societies; reminders (in whatever form they take) of what fellow persons have said, done or written, are necessary.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I tend to remember the Dream and I feel encouraged for the world. Inspirational quotes can lift you up. When I watch state funerals, the idea of how strong, positive and long-lasting our impact on people and a society could be, is reinforced in me. Hearing/reading information about awardees of a program or an event can motivate you to strive to accomplish lots. During Remembrance Month (November) in Canada, I begin to have an inner appreciation of the fallen soldiers who have defended the country; I also become very aware of how much soldiers, not just Canadian ones, but how much soldiers in general, sacrifice for their country and their fellow citizens. 

Such distinct recognitions and reminders have invaluable effects on people. We humans always need to be encouraged and it is great that through technology which connects us to the global society, and our local societies that recognize some amazing citizens, we can be instantly inspired, encouraged and/or motivated.

My Question For You

– What specific recognition(s) of you and/or other people have inspired you and in what way?



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