Defeating Depression and Striving For A Fulfilled Life

On Christmas day last year, I saw a lady attempt to commit suicide. I was in Colorado for the December break. I can still remember the scene pretty well. The lady laid down on the road, where cars where supposed to be passing! Cars halted and finally, someone got her to stand up. The scene got me emotional. Why would someone want to die that way?, why did she choose Christmas day?, why did she want to end her life? – these were the questions that I asked myself that day. The answers to those questions, I could only imagine. One thing was for sure though – the lady was unhappy. Unhappiness is an inveterate degrader. It makes us think negative of ourselves and others. We cannot feel beautiful, handsome, hopeful or strong when we let unhappiness take the best of us. Don’t dwell on those people/those things that make you unhappy. If you can’t control yourself when it comes to dwelling on anger and unhappy events (a situation that I often find myself in), seek the services of a close friend, close family member(s). If all these people don’t seem to be very effective, waste no time and book an appointment with a therapist. A truth which may be hard to believe is that life is not perfect for anyone. Everybody has problems – they are an inevitable feature that comes with living. I like the following quote by Sam Cawthorn: “The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything but they make the most of everything.” Although I have this inner mantra that I can never kill myself, I have thought of doing it several times. If I had ever succeeded in killing myself, I definitely would have missed out on a lot of things that ended up bringing happiness to my life. I would have missed out on some amazing new people that have come into my life. Of course, I would have missed out on my passion for using my writing to try to make positive change in the human mind and in the world. Do I still get sad? Yes, I do. Do I feel hopeless at times? Oh, yes. Can I escape such feelings while living? No, but I would rather keep training myself to focus on the positive knowing that I, like everyone else was created to accomplish a purpose in the midst of obstacles. So, I hope that you will start practising to “make the most” of life! Also, be a helper to those in your life who are suffering from depression or constant unhappiness. Don’t look down on them. Encourage them to be stronger. If needed, help seek treatment for such people. Sending you all lots of happiness and positive energy. Wish someone the same today:)

Love & Peace,


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