Do You Ever Burn The Black and The Grey?

A 9am to 5pm job, schoolwork, family responsibilities are just a few examples of the many useful things that we focus on so much that we make them seem like bad things. We focus a great deal on such things that we forget about balance. We forget to make time to unwind –  work-out, have a good laugh at the movies, have a good time with friends, explore the city that we live in, we may even forget to make time to cook, e.t.c. However, we should not forget about such things and the likes of them that lighten the inevitable hard work and persistence that come with living. When you balance your life by making time to both work and play, you give yourself room to de-stress and be a happier person. Get a gym membership, join a sports team, join a book club, register for a fun volunteer job in your community e.t.c. Good planning is a great way to ensure that you are living a balanced life. Plan what you hope to accomplish each day and within each daily schedule, make sure you set out time to relax. Don’t fill your whole schedule for a day, with work. Making time to eat is not the same as making time to rest. Another key to achieving a balanced life is to believe that you deserve to be happy. Really, you do! While it’s great to work your best to make a name/a living for yourself, and also to maintain order in the household, it is not good to not have a plan B for when our positive goals tweak us. When we don’t have a plan B, we get stressed at failed plans and our mood easily becomes overcome by such failed plans. Rest when you feel like it. Don’t rest or have fun only when your plans get perfect. Gradually work together with your family members to make things right when there are problems. Never lose hope in success. Make plans to ensure that you are living a balanced life. Do away with the dullness of doing the same thing over and over again. Time will sort things out. If something doesn’t work out today – tomorrow, next week, next year holds hope.

My Questions For You – What do you do to balance your life? – If you have ever been at a stage where you did not make enough time to have fun, how did that feel? Let me know!



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