Openness and All That Good Stuff It Brings

Different people can interprete the word – openness in different ways and so, we can act on it in different ways. However, there are two aspects of openness from which people are likely to come to a consensus:

– loving more

– embracing our talents

The decision to become open to love comes with a desire to check your behaviours, your beliefs (e.g are there some hurtful stereotypes that you hold?) and a desire to be true to you. An openness to love requires that you become unselfish and share in others’ joy and that you be there to see them through hard times. You want to possess virtues that will attract the right friends and people into your life. With good relationships, come support and new learning experiences. It is true that the right people do not always come to good people, but when you have decided to be true to you, you know what you want in relationships and you can be selective and choose who you want to have in your life.

Most parts of the world are getting more and more open to love – we are learning about other cultures, and the belief in equality is now common across several nations. Openness has awesome benefits:)

Let us look at ‘being true to you’ from another openness perspective …

Openness means that you are true to you – that you are embracing every aspect of you. I believe that talent is innate in everyone and you just have to tap into it, in order to benefit. Be open to using your talents. Continually search for opportunities in which you could apply them and never deny that you have a particular talent (you never know what opportunities for success you are losing by doing that). Embrace your talents.

This second aspect of openness also requires that you be willing to accept change – this may require that you stop doing things in a particular way or that you improve on those things that you are already doing. In a constantly developing world, you must be willing to embrace change because innovations are being made at such a fast pace and one has to keep up:)

It is important to work on being open, that is – loving more, learning more and attracting opportunities for growth and success.

Love & Peace,


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