LET’S TALK AWARDS! – University of Waterloo’s Young Alumni Award Dinner 2014

I love to write about both the sweet and bitter sides of life, as most of you would have noticed by now. So, this time around I am writing about something sweet – getting awarded! Last week Thursday, my elder and only sister – Ebele Mogo was awarded with the University of Waterloo’s Young Alumni Award. The award dinner took place at Candela (a restaurant) in Calgary. It was an amazing event. Fifteen people were in attendance, including the university’s Dean of Science, Terry McMahon, two other staff of the university, my mother, brothers, six of my sister’s friends and I. It was great to see everyone at the event speak so well of my sister. Also, each of Ebele’s friends and family members present seemed to have been inspired by her in one way or the other. My sister has been an inspiration to me for a long time. Let me tell you a little about Ebele Mogo … At age 18, Ebele graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2009. In the summer of 2012, she established a non-governmental organization called Engage Africa Foundation http://www.engageafricafoundation.org. Ebele’s passion to stop the occurrence of non-communicable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa led her to create the Foundation. She is currently a Doctor of Public Health candidate at the Colorado School of Public Health in the United States. Here is a link to Ebele’s blog, Street-side Convos – http://streetsideconvos.com where she inspires people to be creative and also, she motivates people to become successful entrepreneurs. It came to me as no surprise that the University of Waterloo chose her to be the recipient of their Young Alumni Award for this year 2014. It was a beautiful award event. Good venue and good food. The University of Waterloo staff that put the event together did a great job. I took some pictures from the event and am very excited to share them with you all! Here you go:

photo 1

Proud mama with Ebele

photo 3

The Calgary-based volunteers of Ebele’s NGO (from the right: Jade, Nneoma and Margot)

photo 4

Tomiwa Adaramola, the treasurer of the NGO

photo 5

The Dean of Science speaking of Ebele

photo 3

My dinner. It was so delicious.

photo 4

The Dean presenting Ebele with her award

photo 2

Sharon McFarlane, who played a huge part in organizing the event

 photo 1

My mum, Dr. Felicia Mogo and I

Congratulations Ebele! I do hope that this post has inspired someone. Age is in no way a barrier to greatness.



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