Passions are no small things

Passions are no small things. Most of us are driven by these. They are the means to what we deem as our ambition. Passions can be very hard to fight – this is a good thing if the passions will lead us to something right and good but may be subject to reconsideration, if they will lead us to do bad things or to bad consequences. But I guess we all hope that the passions to greatness, to make a positive impact in someone’s life, in your community – turn out to be irresistible passions.

I appreciate that I have irresistible passions. Are there times that you wish you don’t dream too much, work as hard as you do? If yes, I know you are not alone. I definitely have had those moments but it is in those  moments that I see that some dreams or hopes are just too invaluable to let go of or even regret. It is in those moments of exhaustion – at all the strength you put in, at all the rejection you are receiving and at how those passions won’t let you go – that gratitude hits you.

Gratitude because you have a sense of your life purpose and the more it is irresistible to your attempts to make it vanish, it continues to be visible to you. Yes, our purpose guides us. I was 15 when I started my university education overseas in Canada. Being away from most of my family, I had to take on some new responsibilities and there were some that adults were shocked that I would be in control of. I remember when I was 14 or 15, I called my bank and they were worried that it is was a fraud and they had me do all these tests to confirm my identity – because of my age. Till this day, now that I am 18, when I go to the bank, cashiers cannot make a correlation between the person standing before them and the age on the account. I often find these events hilarious but there are times that I have felt a little bit saddened by them. Sometimes I wonder – Am I going too fast? Why do people find me to be “mature” for my age (even when it is a compliment)?

I have such dilemmas but it is in those dilemmas that I re-discover gratitude for the opportunity to start young and have a sense of maturity that continuously drives me to not only aspire but also, to work towards achievement. I hope that you would listen to your body and respond your passions. I hope that in those moments of frustration at all the setbacks and the weight of your goals, you will find gratitude and strength.



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