No More War

Sometimes when an issue arises, you take a step backwards and try to get to the root cause of why that happened – why a person behaved in a certain way, why a building collapsed etc. However, when people are risking their lives in all sorts of ways including taking the risk to swim through sea to migrate to a new country, there is no need to look too deeply. It is easy to deduce that only desperation will lead to such an issue, to such a measure.

In recent times, the stories of people fleeing their nation in some of the most dangerous ways in search of a calmer society – have become more and more common. It is heartbreaking. It makes some appreciate their own freedom and it is probably easy to put yourself in the shoes of people who have been so tormented that they have to risk their lives in search of freedom away from their own society.

The picture of a drowned Syrian child, Aylan Kurdi – just 3 years old – is the most recent reminder that our humanity requires that we lend a helping hand to those who are in desperate need of safety and freedom. In this world, we have only got each other so we must be our brothers and our sisters’ helper. At this time, so many Syrians need a helping hand, so many need someone to sponsor for them, a safe migration to a place where they can be free from the turbulence, scare and heartache of war.

Desperation is driving many of these refugees and for those of us who have freedom, let us in our own capacity, be desperate to help. If you can, please sponsor a family or brainstorm with people who can. Raise awareness on the refugee crisis that the world is facing. Many – Syrians and Africans alike are taking to dangerous measures to secure a better, freer future for themselves and their families. Many are not making it to the land their dreams. So please try in your own capacity to help stop this crisis, to stop the horror that people have to go through by swimming through a large body of water. No human being deserves to fight so hard for his/her freedom. Please put Syria in your prayers.

[TRIGGER WARNING: Disturbing photo] Here is an article that contains links to initiatives/organizations to which people can donate and calm the refugee crisis : http://www.today.com/parents/refugee-crisis-how-you-can-help-syrias-children-t42261

Peace & love,


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