Reaching beyond comfort

Seems like it has been a long while, since I wrote on self-actualization haha Well, it feels good to be back at it for this post.

That whole talk of “moving out of your comfort zone” that you have heard people say and possibly you have read on here, is pretty crucial. It is important to be bold enough to reach out to a stranger to – share an idea, ask if there is a job vacancy, propose measures that can move your career forward etc. Not everyone has the privilege of having the right connections amongst their family and friends. The reality for most is that they go out, make efforts to prove themselves and get audiences that are enthusiastic for all that the individual can offer.

When you read success stories or watch people narrate their journey to high achievements, there is one key message that emerges. It is that there is no magic to success. The journey is turbulent, sometimes intimidating but persistence is the weapon.   You may have received 50 ‘No’s but achieving a ‘Yes’ response is not impossible. It is very easy to succumb to rejection and feel that you are not good enough. However, rejection is inevitable. It does not mean that you are not a star (you are!), it may mean for example, that the person/organization that rejected you admires your ability but does not have a vacancy or may fail to understand the kind of expertise that you aim to contribute. In the latter case, it is that person and/or organization that is missing out, not you. Keep your head up, keep learning and with every given opportunity, ensure that you put in your very best.

Also, ensure that you are contributing your skills to places and individuals that indeed need them. Do not waste your time. If you have a passion for A, do not, in desperation (I have had those thoughts) offer to lend your skills for B. Why? You need to feel happy and fulfilled while using your skills. Also, you need to keep developing on your skills. These cannot happen, if you are not applying your skills in the right place. So, reach out only to people and places that have a passion for the kinds of things that you are interested in. Their creativity will enhance yours and your creativity will enhance theirs.

Getting into media has shown me how accessible people are. I have been able to reach to out to journalists, entrepreneurs and advocates for interviews and in turn receive very warm, enthusiastic responses. Of course, there have been rejections. My point is – it is worth it to take that bold step of reaching out because eventually there will be positive responses.



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2 thoughts on “Reaching beyond comfort

  1. Uzo Odonwodo says:

    This is so well written. Inspiring. And terse, too. Just apt for the attention span of the iGeneration reader. Keep it coming please.

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