That “I Can Own It” Habit

Happy New Year!! I hope you’ve planned to OWN IT!:)

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2015 is to own this year. By that I mean that I want to put my very best into 2015 – face my fears, be more bold about my talents – and other aspects of my life. My wish is that I will follow through with this plan of owning the new year.

I do hope that you will join me in on that plan.

The mindset for such a plan should be that you do not think less of yourself. “I can’t” needs to be reserved for only those things that you should not be doing and/or those things that you do not have to do. Love yourself. Think of winning not losing. Hope to be an inspiration to people.

Everyone has different desires and needs. The main backdrop to ‘owning’ is confidence. Whatever your plans may be for this new year, you have to follow them up with confidence. It is confidence that will enable you to be positive and loving to people. Confidence will also make you believe strongly in your capabilities. Such beliefs will keep you from falling easy into bouts of depression as a result of rejections and people’s negativity. Self-confidence is inspiring – to people close to you and to strangers. When you give advice to people, it is really your actions that matter most. Beautiful words are uplifting but actions are more persuasive.

The goal is not to own just 2015. The goal should be that self-confidence sticks with you beyond 2015. Aim for consistency – within every week in this year and within every week in the years to come. Goodluck!

I hope your 2015 has been off to a good start. If you have some New Year’s resolutions that you would love to share, please leave them in the Comment section.



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2 thoughts on “That “I Can Own It” Habit

  1. Felicia says:

    Oh Chiamaka this is very nice. I will pray and work hard to own 2015 and beyond. Wishing you very well this year. All the best

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