With Dreaming Big Comes ‘Stress’?

When contemplating on the usual but very crucial advice – ‘Follow your passion”, it is possible that you ask yourself – “But what exactly is my passion?” You probably stress over that question once in a while and even when things are already going good for you. It is okay to feel that way. People get hit with lots of ideas and opportunities, emerging out of the blues and at intervals. At such times, it is irresistible to think that you do not have just one path to follow in life. And that is true. Versatility seems to be a part of the human nature. You many not tap into it but it is there for you.

Dreamers and hard workers continually open themselves up to new opportunities for advancement, consciously or unconsciously. And they pay attention to every new talent that they feel may have been acquired. When you have multiple items on your to-do list, it is possible that you get stressed thinking of how to prioritize and get done with some of the tasks. You may also try to figure out what items can be scratched off the list. That is the same procedure that should be applied to your never-ending Idea and Goal agenda. You should see creativity and the ability to learn new things as gifts not burdens (they could seem to be burdens at some points, but hey, there is something called eustress, meaning good stress).

You do not have to tap into all your ideas. You need to first analyze – which ones do I actually want to start with (that is, which ideas and/or opportunities are my most passionate about, at the moment), which ones can I carry-out successfully with the resources that I have at the moment, do I have enough resources? … The analysis can go on and on and on. Basically, you need to select patiently and thoroughly.

However, do not shut out the possibility of one idea being useful in the long-run. Goals change, new ideas emerge. Do not limit yourself to what you have always wanted to be or what someone else wanted you to be. You can be an engineer and then decide to switch to commercial farming because your passion is beginning to shift to another field. I wanted to be a gynaecologist since I was in elementary school, till the end of high school. For me, it was Medicine or nothing else. Today, I am working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Pubic Administration and I am loving it.

Follow your dreams of today, do your best, and do not shut yourself out to other possibilities to utilize your skills and even help people in the process. When you feel overwhelmed with ideas, acknowledge that you are experiencing a growth process; feel lucky and rate your ideas. Start with the ones that you feel are urgent and/or are of greater importance, at the moment. Also, whenever you feel stressed with all the opportunities and ideas that you have to evaluate and choose from, you can consider speaking to someone who you feel can help you make the right decisions. You can even consult my help. Feel free to leave me a question in the comment section, or you could follow the link below to request a call with me, for free: https://clarity.fm/chiamakamogo/BIZCOACHING1

Love & best of luck,


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