I Am Thankful For …

It’s now Thanksgiving weekend in Canada! This is that time of the year when we ask each other, “What are you thankful for?” So, it is not just a time for celebrating because that is what Thanksgiving weekend is meant for, but it also a time to reflect on why we are celebrating. I did some reflecting myself and I will like to share with you all, some of the reasons why I am thankful.

I am thankful for:

my parents. I have incredibly supportive parents who constantly communicate with me and constantly remind me that I can achieve whatever I want to achieve. They remind me that I am good enough. They are always there – when I fall, fail and when I succeed. I am also thankful that they have continued to live in marital bliss for nearly 30 years! Below is a picture of the two love birds, two of the most selfless and supportive people in my life:


my siblings. In Whitney Houston’s song, the Greatest Love of All, the incredible songstress of blessed memory sings, “Everybody’s searching for a hero. People need someone to look up to.” Everyday, I continue to look for inspiration through strangers, acquaintances and friends. However, there is this amazing feeling that I get when I take a moment to reflect on the great things that my siblings do. I begin to feel so blessed to have people so close by, who are chasing after their dreams, achieving their goals and people who reinforce that voice in me that says “You too can do it.”.

image  image  image

good friends. I have some very uplifting friends. When I use the word uplifting to describe friends, I am talking about people who make me so happy when I meet up with them; people who care about me and ask how life is going, in general; people who have highlighted some of their dreams and are working on their path to success; and people who I can have intellectual conversations with (trust me it is never just an intellectual conversation, there is usually a lot of laughing involved, just the way I like it haha).

the voice inside of me that kept pushing me to create this blog. Yup, creating this blog took a lot of persuasion. Persuasion from my inner voice/spirit or from God. I knew that I should have a blog that will be a podium for me to advocate for social justice and create awareness on social justice issues. I knew that I should have a blog where I will also be writing about entrepreneurship. However, I did not want to have something else to commit to, but I am glad that I listened to that inner voice and now, I am happily committed to this blog.

readers of this blog. It is so encouraging when you take yourself out of your comfort zone and there are people who are following you on your journey, enriching and enlightening themselves and also cheering for you. I appreciate all of you who read posts on this blog and thank YOU to those of you who have read a post(s) and shared your positive thoughts with me.

people that advocate for the poor, the marginalized and all who are treated unfairly. You all inspire me and reinforce in me that thought that the world can indeed become a better place.


Now, it is your turn to tell me who and what you are thankful for, in the comment section:)

Wishing all my readers living in Canada, a very happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Love and Thanks,


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