Don’t Tell Him That His Blackness Doesn’t Matter. Certainly Not In America

Sometimes, I wonder if to call the history of racial prejudice against blacks in America, a history. After all, that hideous, heartbreaking past continues to repeat itself in this 21st century. 

America is still filled with unbelievable racial prejudice and it seems that with a police badge, the solution on how to act on such a mindset is solved. You come up with your own judgement before the interference of the court(s) and serve it to that black-skinned, human-sized prey who luck turned down. It is only a matter of minutes before your catch lay lifeless on the ground. 

An eyewitness said that Michael Brown put his hands in the air and exclaimed that he was unarmed, but still that inner judgment had to be passed. Eric Garner was unarmed; 17-year old Trayvon Martin was unarmed; so was Kendrec Mcdade; Orlando Barlow was unarmed; Timothy Stansbury Jr. was unarmed: Amadou Diallo unarmed, was shot at 41 times and hit by the bullet 19 times. The list does not stop there … not at all.

Police officers like the one who killed Eric Garner with an illegal chokehold; the one who killed Trayvon Martin (cop is part Hispanic); the one who killed Michael Brown; the ones who killed Amadou Diallo and the one who killed Orlando Barlow; all white, are not helping America become a progressive country with regard to the way it treats its minorities (African Americans). Every time unlawful white on black violence occurs in the United States, in this century, a past of filthy racism is brought back to mind and healing wounds begin to hurt afresh. 

The rules that black families give to their male children are likely different from those of white families to their sons. There are a lot of precautions to be taken by the black male child in America. For the parents, the rule book probably does not consist only of:

– Be polite

– Be friendly

– Look right, left and right again, before crossing the road

– Pray before you eat. 

There are probably much more rules for the African-American male child. Rules which will be distinct from that of the white child and scary too. Rules that emphasize taking extra care because the black man’s life seems to be deemed worthless by some.

So, do not tell the black man, in America, that his blackness does not matter, that his skin colour cannot make him disadvantaged. Not when that unchangeable factor has caused innocent people to be suspects and suspects to be killed without getting a chance to go before a judge. Also, do not try to console him with the fact that the President of America is black or tell him that a diverse group of people support some A-list black musicians because it is the ones who are not fortunate enough that are prone to fatal hate. 

Let actions convince him. 

Love & Peace,


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