What We Can Learn from Our Favourite Entertainers

Happy Summer everyone!!:) Every one has entertainers (**focusing on musicians for this post**) that he or she admires very much. The first thing that is most likely to bring about the attraction is their art – their voice, their lyrics, their moves; before anything else. In our eyes, our favourite musicians are perfect at what they do. It seems like their perfection is innate. However, if you take a moment to ponder on all those things that make your favourite musicians special, you will reach a point where entertainment becomes inspirational. At this point, you can understand their ‘perfection’ and you can believe that you can also be seen to be connoisseur in our own different or maybe even similar field, in your own unique way. Entertainers create from their talent and they build upon their talent through entrepreneurship. Let’s look at the steps one by one: – Talent: Every human being has a talent. The responsibility to find what we are good at and do it rests on us. If you are a fan of Michael Jackson, you would probably agree that when you watch him performing, there is usually a sudden rush of euphoria that takes over the body. Then there is also that period of perplexity at how a human being could be so talented. Some like me would say that no one can ever perform as good as Michael Jackson. However, just like Michael Jackson, anyone can explore his/her own talent unapologetically (like Michael) and be an expert in his/her own art. – Create: Entertainers create with their talent. No human being was born an expert at anything. As you live, you learn and amend. Successful entertainers have toiled to be professionals at singing/rapping or at singing/rapping and dancing because they found either of those things to be what they love to do. Discover your strengths, work on them and create from your talent. Be unapologetic with your talent(s). Don’t think of the negative things that people may say and must importantly, do not be negative yourself. Your talents are yours to explore, not to waste. – Build: This is that stage after you have determined what your talent is and you have started putting it to work. When you do what you love, you are automatically building. You are building up a list of admirers, a list of references, a list of fans and definitely, you are building for yourself, lots of opportunities. It is indeed true that nothing beats talent because that is the only thing coupled with passion that can yield positive results. People love high achievers, hence why I mentioned above that you will establish for yourself, a lot of useful resources by sticking to your talent and doing what you love. Also, when you create on your talent, you are automatically building a brand.


Some of our favourite musicians build; they are entrepreneurs with them being their own brand. Their names fill up concert halls, sell tickets and their names persuade people, their stories have a deeper meaning to their fans and thus, their stories motivate e.t.c.  50 Cent is an author, Britney Spears has a fragrance business; Michael Jackson continues to make even money after his death – why? Michael Jackson, the human being was a brand, thanks to all his hard work. My task for you today is that you think of the exact things that make you admire your favourite musicians and find a way to connect those things that make them seem ‘extraordinary’ to your own interests. Make the best of your talents, my friends. Also, tomorrow will mark the 5th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. He is my top favourite musician and reflecting on his life inspired me to write this post. Thank you, Michael, for all the love, joy and inspiration that you put into our world. Keep resting in peace.

Love & Peace,


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