Can never be said enough. Can never be written about too much


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There was a time when I used to write and talk about love so much. I used that word – love, so much in my writings that sometimes I felt like maybe I should emphasize it indirectly, with other words. But as events – good and bad – continue to unfold in our world, I realize that the word love can never be said enough and it can never be written about too much especially in the context of how it ties into building peace in our world.

Well, here I am today back on the topic of love and how we must exude it unconditionally, without prejudice and stereotypes – to family, friends, strangers and foreigners. For a world constantly shaken by extreme acts of hate, it is love that makes it still go round. It is love that gives people freedom in their societies, despite the existence of difference in whatever form it may take.

Often I am reminded that some of the world’s most startling issues that break my heart can only be cautioned when we love, when we choose to never be like the oppressor, the shooter, the bomber, the hate speech deliverer etc. When we extend a helping hand to people who are fleeing their country as refugees due to violence that they did not cause, we are engaging in an act of love. That is man’s humanity to fellow man. You have probably seen in your daily lives that when you react to violence or hate with love, you are weakening the efforts of the oppressor. In this world, I have seen time and time again that love is winning. I am convinced everyday that our world will never become overcome by evil, terror and hate.

Whether it is from people’s move to welcome refugees to their country, to catering to the poor, advocating for the rights of the racially marginalized and the religiously marginalized, I see hope in our world. When I feel heartbroken at the tragedies of injustice and senseless violence in different countries around the world, the people who carry on the torch of love bring me back to good spirits. Very importantly, they somehow remind me to never stop talking about the need for love, love and lots of it in our world. It can never be talked about enough, it can never be written about too much.

Always spread love. Be a light in your society and in this world.



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