What really matters to failing leaders?

One of the most powerful thoughts which is also one of the simplest of sentences is: focus on the things that actually matter.
Whenever that thought comes to my mind or whenever someone uses that statement as a means to cheer me up from something, it has an almost-instant healing effect.

There are certain issues going on in different societies that make me wonder, if some politicians ever have that thought with regards to the way they govern the citizenry. Good governance is measured on how much governments focus and work on creating a society that is fair, prosperous and a society where the leaders are accountable to the members of the public.

Last week Wednesday, March 22, 2017 was World Water Day. Clean water is an inherent human right but the reality in many societies, whether developed or undeveloped is that access to clean water is often a luxury. In Nigeria, there are communities in the Niger Delta region of the nation, where freshwater have turned to thick oil-polluted bodies. Aboriginal people in developed countries still are militarized/policed in their demands for the acknowledgement of their rights to clean water. The list goes on and on.

Maybe if certain politicians focused on what actually matters, it would not have to be stressed that love is better than hate and that openness is better than stigmatizing and ‘banning’ people because they were born in a predominantly Muslim nation.

Ending child marriage is something that actually matters. Providing professional resources and safety for people who have survived rape is something that actually matters. Ensuring that the wealth of a nation is distributed fairly among the citizenry and not just in the hands of a few, is something that actually matters.

Earlier in this post, I stated that there is a healing effect about that statement or thought (whichever way it may come to you): focus on what actually matters. Based on things that I have read, based on my conversations with people and based on my own personal experience – I believe the healing effect of that thought is somewhat universal. So, what must be the reason why some leaders do not heed to that calling? I really wonder.

However, in the disappointing and shameful absence of certain leaders not heeding to that calling, it is the very right and privilege of members of the public to push for positive action – till things are done right.

Love & peace,

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