Life is the greatest gift.

2017!!! I feel like I can hear it calling, so I am calling back at it with excitement! Transitions like, a year change or an age change (birthday) are not always exciting for me. This is because such times force one to reflect on the year that he or she has had and sometimes in the past, in my reflecting, I have dealt on the bad stuff mainly but this year, I am choosing different.

Yes, honestly, 2016 was a great year for me. I sometimes feel shocked at how much of a good year it was for me – and for the blessings, I thank God. But, also, I think maturity  has also affected how I look at transitions. There were a few sad events which I experienced this year, which often pop up in my mind but the gift of life is the greatest gift and like the saying goes, “where there’s life, there’s hope”. So, sometimes, I still allow myself to feel the sadness – but to be honest, since the later part of this year, when the sadness comes, I start to remember the good things which in truth overcome the bad. Life is the greatest gift, my friends. Don’t let the sadness stay. Today is an opportunity to do something that makes you happy. Today is an opportunity to reach out to blessings that the new day has to offer.

Before I digress too much, I wish to remind anyone reading this and even I myself writing, that change can be a good thing. It is a new opportunity. Accept it. If 2016 was good for you, don’t be sad that the year is ending. If 2016 was bad for you, don’t be scared that 2017 may be worse. We release the burden in our chest, when we flow with time and not when we try to let it stop, because time never stops.

My friends, I hope you will make this last day of 2016 wonderful for you! Celebrate the passing of the year in your own happy and safe way, and be ready to embrace 2017. Make a wish for the kind of year you want 2017 to be. Don’t forget to pray for people who are lonely in this season and pray for nations that are experiencing war and injustice.

Happy New Year in advance!!!

Love & peace,


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