The Common Ground of Fear

To each, their own definition and method of fostering justice, peace, equality etc. And it is true that with different conceptions of ways to continuously transform our societies for the better, there is a common ground. A common ground of fear. Having fear does not mean that there is an absence of courage. It just means that usually in the quest for change and a desire for a better society, there are those emotions, threats and doubts that transform into fear.

I do not always want to seem as the advocate in the room. I will be honest with you that I have overheard racial slurs and stereotypes and did not react. It is indeed true that one does not have to respond to every ignorant or evil statement. However, most times, my decision to not react is as result of fear. Usually, the fear of alienation and/or the fear of attack. Some of us can agree that stereotypes tend to come out when people feel comfortable with each other. So, in terms of fear of alienation, I may keep quiet or address the issue in a different way than I feel that I should because I do not want to have a fall out with someone who’s relationship with me, I cherish. In public, I am very less likely to react because I want to safeguard myself from harm or verbal abuse.

Sometimes, you may fear not mainly for yourself but for those that you cherish – family members, a spouse, friends etc. You may find yourself carefully selecting the approaches that you take towards social justice, for example, for the sake of the safety of your loved ones, especially if you do not reside in a democratic and free state. You could fear that benefits will be withdrawn from you and replaced with sanctions, if you decide to take a bold step towards what you think is the right move for your community.

It is okay to be afraid and again, the feeling of fear does not mean that you are no longer courageous. I think that fear sometimes is a guide. It can help us choose our battles wisely because in truth, we cannot react to everyone and everything. However, there is a difference between letting fear guide you and letting it rule you. Sometimes, it takes trying to see that our fears were just a figment of our imagination. It takes trying even while feeling afraid, to discover that people are ready to support your quest for a better society and that their influence and numbers are more than those of your detractors.



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Youth Courageousness and Why It’s Needed

Talk about young people stand up!! – For sometime now, I have being admiring and getting lots of inspiration from young people (teenagers and people in their twenties) who have moved out of their comfort zone and are doing creative things with their lives. On social media networks, even at school, in my family, I get to know about some young dream chasers and change-makers – From Malala Yousafzai, to a group of University of Ottawa students who together with staff formed the Independent Initiative Against Rape Culture in March 2014, to my entrepreneurial siblings. Moving out of your comfort zone to work toward something that you really want to achieve is bold. It’s even more bold, I believe when you are young. You are at that stage when most of your counterparts continually stress their desire to graduate and get a job with the government and settle for whatever or just work for someone and follow their rules. Youth is that stage where the creative individual questions if uniqueness will be worth the try. So, when I see youth entrepreneurs, youth advocates and youths who seek to make change whether through working for the government, under someone or not, I am truly inspired. Another obstacle that comes with being creative (for everyone) is rejection. Not everyone you contact with your idea will get back to you; not everyone you speak to about your plan will agree that it is a good one; even friends may not support you. However, you will have both doubters and believers. When you have reviewed your plan thoroughly on your own, and then with some family members, friends, and experts that have experience with regard with your plan; and you believe that it will accomplish a purpose that satisfies you, go on with you idea! You will attract like-minded creative people to your niche. You will motivate and inspire people to not only think outside the box, but also, to move out of the box. I am still reading the book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and I am really enjoying it. In Chapter three of the book, the author writes about her decision to face her fear of failure and she made this statement: “If something is worth doing; it’s worth doing badly.” Not an attractive statement at first sight, but it is a truthful and encouraging statement. Sometimes, we are even our own obstacles by doubting ourselves. Take action instead of overthinking your idea and when you execute your idea, remember that your final goal may not be achieved in a hurry. As long as you are still passionate about your plan, continue to work your hardest at it. Your efforts will pay off, eventually. I admire that the braveness of youth success is also recognized by community event planners who feel that inspiring young people should be awarded and publicized. In Ottawa, there is the Spirit of the Capital Youth Awards that recognizes youth that have contributed to their society in different ways. In Toronto, there is the BBPA’s Harry Jerome Awards’ Young Entrepreneur award. There is also, the Royal Bank of Canada’s Students Leading Change Scholarship. Etcetera. My fellow young people let us not let doubt; fear of rejection and failure discourage us from following our heart’s desires. By being true to you, you never know the kind of huge success that you are building up. Also, you might just be inspiring people to become exceptional in their thinking and actions, as well.  

My Questions For You

– Are there some inspiring youths that you know? If yes, who are they? 🙂

– What suggestions do you have on ways to encourage young people to think outside the box and/or be bold with their dreams?

Let me know!



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