Human rights and economic growth, go hand in hand

Before I started writing the body of this post, I started writing up a possible title for it, in the ‘Title’ column, then stopped. I had to halt because I started writing something that if completed, would probably have been – “Human Rights Vs Economic Growth”. But, those two terms do not contradict each other, so there cannot be a “Vs” (versus), between them.

Based on my observations and my immersion in the reality of different societies and the world, I know that actually, human rights and economic growth go hand in hand. When we  have to analyze both things, to see if we can at least choose one over the other – then, that means there is an issue at hand.

A nation that makes people feel comfortable regardless of race, religion or where a person is born, does not only achieve a significant level of peace but also yields financial growth. People in such a society will put in the best of their skills, creativity and their diversity of ideas – into that nation, thus yielding for themselves and that society – economic growth, whilst also exposing each other to the true reality that not everyone is the same but we all deserve to be treated equally and with dignity.

So, human rights and economic growth should not be carved out, as if they have no correlation. There is a correlation between both terms and that correlation is great.

Recently, the US elections were finalized. However, before the elections and now, in its aftermath – I have heard different ideas of people, with regards to the elections. One of the major ones that I have heard of, sums up to me like this: perceived promise of economic growth is greater than reasonable fear of the balance of human rights, in America.

I believe that the reasons why people vote are important. It is important to listen and understand why people voted for whoever they voted for, whether they voted for someone who you agree with, or not. However, behind our reasons for voting should not be – economic growth serves more purpose than respect for human rights (including diversity). Those two terms (economic growth and human rights) should go hand in hand – for the betterment of our societies.

Love & Peace,


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