Why Love and Business Do Go Together

One of the best pieces of advice that can be given to someone is – Follow your passion.

Rephrasing the above advice to the focus of today’s blogpost – Build a business that is based on your passion.

When you own a business, you should truly be your own boss. If you build a business based on something that you are genuinely passionate and knowledgeable about, that is attractive. Customers derive the confidence to buy a product through the character and words of the seller. Also, possible future business partners will like to join a team that is built on realistic goals, lots of wisdom and passion for the job. So, if you are the boss of something that you do not have a serious interest in except for the financial profit and even so, are yet to gather information about the job, business is headed for trouble.


Also, care must be at the heart of your business. You may love the job that you have created, but you must care about the people that you are serving. If you are just all about the money, you may not win so much in business. Show care for your clients and people that want to patronize your business. Ask them about their personal lives (e.g “How was your day?”, “How was work?”, “For how long have you lived in this city?” e.t.c). Ask them if they have any allergies (depends on the kind of business that you do). People love when they have a personal relationship with their service provider. Such a bond automatically puts that seller at the top of the customer’s list every time the latter needs to get that kind of service (which must be offered by more than one person).

Do not want money so much that you forget to take the customer’s needs as a priority. Do not convince your customer to buy the more expensive product when the cheaper one will be more effective. If you do not have the product that will be best for your customer, it is fine, let the customer leave or make a recommendation. Also, you can learn from clients. If you have noticed that lots of people have asked of a particular product that you do not have, maybe it is time you started selling that product, then:)

The best backdrop for a business plan is passion. Love what you do and care for your clients and the people that want to patronize you.



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