Human Rights Day, 2016: Let’s recommit to act in love and fairness

December 10 is the international Human Rights Day. I believe that it should be a day for societies and individuals all around the world, to resolve to uphold justice, freedom and equality. Acknowledging human rights and acting in respect of human rights is not a task meant for governments, only. It is, very importantly, a task for members of the public, also.

Remember that as a human being, you are born of dignity and no individual and/or government should have the free will to do as they like with your inherent right to be treated with fairness.

It is becoming more common to see violence take priority over having dialogue. Governments enforcing institutional imperialism over protesters. Religious extremists using arms to kill innocent people in the name of God (blasphemy).

The girl child has just as much value as the male child. Give her good education not early marriage, and she will set the world ablaze with greatness, kindness and positive change. A woman’s voice matters. When she says “No”, do not take her voice for granted – her consent is needed. The woman’s body is her property – do not take her voice for granted.

A person’s sexuality is theirs to realize and keep. People should not fear for their life for being who they are – as is the case in many countries. All human beings are born with dignity, no matter our sexuality, and that dignity must be upheld.

Indigenous people’s lands in  the United States and Canada must be respected. When Indigenous groups protest against something that could potentially contaminate their lands and waters, they should not be ignored. They matter. Their voices should be heard, they should be consulted and there should be no man-made hinderance to access to clean water for Indigenous populations in the United States and Canada. All human beings have a right to clean water.

Black lives matter – this should be understood and acknowledged universally. A person should not be treated with disrespect, denied opportunity or killed because he or she is non-white. Black Lives Matter. No human being was created to be more superior than the other. All races are beautiful and if we come together in love, without prejudice and hate, this world will be a much much better place.

Happy Human Rights Day … in advance!!! Show love. Give respect. Don’t be quick to judge.

Love & peace,


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