Love is love. Hate is wrong


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In our world, justice co-exists with the popularity of the message that we should all love each other despite individual differences. Perhaps, this is the normal order of what the world should be like? I don’t know, I guess the answer to that question lies with the Almighty. However, that co-existence that was stated above, makes me feel that we need to keep on with the message of love but also constantly include the logic behind love – the logic behind loving each other, regardless of religious belief, race, sexual orientation, country of origin, tribe etc.

I believe that the logic behind love is that it benefits both the lover and the recipient – love brings about trust and it brings people closer. I guess the logic of love can mean different things to different people but it is indisputable that love benefits us all and our world needs more of it. A world in which 50 people are killed and 53 are injured, at a gay club, is definitely in need of more love. A world in which you can be sentenced to 14 years in prison in Nigeria because you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer, needs more love. A world where Donald Trump can be the front and leading man for the Republican Party, needs more love and less hate and fear.

When Donald Trump first came into the spotlight for his presidential ticket campaign, he seemed to me as a total joke. I felt strongly that there was no way this man can possibly come close to the presidency. However, I was so wrong. He has won the support of numerous people in America and he is now the official candidate of the Republican Party. It’s still perplexing to me that someone who boldly spews hate and puts people against each other, can have the support of several people in a country as (seemingly) developed as America.

Friends, hate still exists strongly in our world. The newly crowned Miss USA is African-American and I saw a snapshot of racist comments that some people had for her, on Facebook.

Now, let’s head over to Nigeria, shall we? It is my desire and I urge that the anti-gay law in Nigeria be trashed. It is against our collective human rights as a human race to put anyone in prison because the person is gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual or queer. I urge the masses of Nigeria to push against this law and I urge the current President to annul that law. It is embarrassing and unjust.

What happened in Orlando on June 12, 2016 must never repeat itself, in anywhere in the world.

Certainly, many of us need to understand or be constantly reminded of the logic of loving. It’s not about throwing out the word – I love you – or – I’m colour blind – or – I love all people. We must truly understand that there are great benefits to internalizing love and seeing it as something that should be rendered to yourself and also, externally to others.

Love and peace,


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