Asserting, surviving and thriving

Assertiveness. This is one of the main attitudes amongst others that takes us from wishing and wanting for something to actually working towards obtaining that thing. Assertiveness takes us to the point of action. Something that can be observed from the works and stories of some of the greatest pioneers of social change in our world is that spirit of assertiveness. For these people, we can see that desire to strive for change regardless of threat, regardless of their financial or racial class in the society and so on.

The world is filled with many ethical issues and an abundance of violence. So, neither is it wrong nor beyond human nature to feel hopeless but do not drown in doubt. Take a stand on the kind of person you want to be in order to help make the world at least a little less harsh. Be assertive about the kind of change you wish to see in the world and work towards it. Remember that after all, it is our conscious or unconscious assertiveness to survive that keeps us standing in spite of life’s occasional heavy blows – in spite of pain, disappointment, rejection etc. That assertiveness to survive takes us from not just surviving  but also to thriving. So imagine how asserting to be part of creating a better world can make a positive difference because assertiveness leads to action. Our world thrives in different aspects because of people who did not ignore injustice but promoted love, peace, justice, fairness and equality.

It is not enough to just complain about injustice and war in our world. It is important that you be assertive on what you can do – in your school, at your place of worship, in your family etc – to promote social justice. Be assertive to be a part of creating a better society. Being assertive is hard, in general because we tend to lose focus, we tend to get discouraged. I often fail at this thing so a few months ago, I decided that I must have assertiveness as a mindset. I wanted to just be assertive with regard to my passions and desires, and fixing my mindset towards assertiveness has definitely made me bolder, more in control of the kinds of people I surround myself with and before I go way off track … it has made me more accepting of my passion for advocating for human rights in this beautiful but truly heartbreaking world.

On that note, I would like to hear from you in the comment section. In what way(s) are you working towards achieving social justice for your society/the world and how would you go about being assertive about this? Please share:)

I wish you and yours the best of this Christmas season and a Happy New Year!!



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