Click! Click! Make Links


There are so many ideas you have and it is very easy for you to feel that your idea is best achievable by you alone. There is truth in that – only you, may be just enough to operate a company at the start, for example. However, when you start working towards your idea, you will need people to help you keep that idea moving. This is why you need to connect and align yourself with people who can light up one of your bulbs when you think it has died.

The people that you connect your ideas and works with are the ones who can push your dream further in the direction that you aim to keep it moving in. This help may come in the form of advice, collaborations or business transactions. Reach out to people who are in a similar field and who can relate with your work. You may not know it immediately but sooner or later you will find out how important it is to back yourself up with soul partners (sort of).

You may have been to an event, where, you are looking through the pamphlet when you find a page on the event sponsors. It’s interesting because most times, the trend is that the mandate of those sponsors align at least to some extent, with those of the event organizer. Making links! In connecting, you lift one another up. Still using the sponsorship example, the sponsor is easing the financial burden of a certain organization and in turn the latter, is advertising the sponsor’s brand.

Some months ago, I was enrolled in a social change and activism course. There was a lecture on the importance of activists making links with organizations and associations who are also passionate about social justice. With the lecture, was a very enlightening example on how some student protesters in Quebec were able to gain lots of solidarity and support from organizations because of the similar mandates they had.

It is important to connect with and stay connected with people who share a passion for your kinds of ideas and whom you feel you learn a lot from. It is a mutual relationship because you stimulate each other’s ideas and achievements.


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