Trick and Treat: Creativity Encompasses Both

Yesterday was Halloween and although I did not join in the celebrations, I had a good time looking at pictures of people who were celebrating. I was in awe of the creativity that people put into making outfits for the occasion. Most of the people that I saw celebrating (in pictures) went the extra mile with very creative, adorable outfits. It struck me again that there is something really special about going the extra mile, exploring your thoughts and skills and creating something out of them  – you end up sweeping people off of their feet. You know, like the way I felt when I had a glimpse at some outfits.

You do not have to create something out of every idea or skill that you have, but it is advisable  that you explore that skill or that idea that you just cannot get rid of, and create something out of it. Sometimes, there may be more than one skill or idea which you like and/or that you have been stuck with for a while, but start with very few of them – like 2 or 3. Do not overload your schedule. Start gradually; create and start testing your new creation out, stay focused, be patient (remember, Rome was not built in a day). Never fail to explore your creativity, definitely not when it is calling on you and holding on to you.

Why not just join someone who has already created on something that I like? Or Why not follow the simpler route?

It is amazing to work with others – we learn a lot and get to meet new people. Also, group work tends to yield great results. So, working with others is very important. However, do not shut off that urge within you that calls you to create something, to start something out based on your ideas; the experiences that you have gained; things that others taught you e.t.c. It is easy to dissuade yourself from starting something. It may be that you do not want to take risks; you do not want to have too much responsibilities e.t.c. I have been there. However, do not let your fears stop you. Take the risk – create. Do not start working with someone else who has started something in that line because of your fears; and do not take the easier route that you honestly, really don’t want to take, again, because of your fears. Your creation is your way of expressing who you are and your own ideas about something – it could be your own ideas about eradicating homelessness in Ottawa e.t.c. Your creation is your opportunity to encourage, motivate, teach and in most cases, your opportunity to employ people who need work and funds. Support people’s creations; you will also need people to support your creation, but do not feel like you are not good enough to move out of your comfort zone just like the person that created that thing that you admire so much.

Creativity is a very important self-empowerment tool. You may have one major job that feeds you, pays the bill and puts food on your table, but when you begin to explore your creativity, you are gradually giving yourself another powerful source of income.

How Do I Explore My Creativity?

Like the people with the wonderful Halloween outfits, you can explore your creativity by taking your ideas and skills seriously. Again, you can have numerous ideas at your disposable, but there tends to be that one that stands out right? Explore it! Think of how you can turn that idea into something more meaningful, more useful than it is at this stage. Do your research. Gather information on the alternative ways of putting that idea into action. Put lots of effort till you can sincerely come up with that decision that could be either – It is worth the try or No, this will just kill my time, for nothing. If that idea doesn’t seem to be the special piece to the puzzle, do not lose hope. As we live, we learn, so just be open to more learning opportunities and more ideas. The same technique goes with exploring your skill. For example, You love playing football but because you really want to get a university degree in Mechanical Engineering, you have been muting the urge to play football. That is not you being very efficient. You can play for the University’s football team as an extracurricular activity. You never know which of the skills will win in the future. Or you may always stick to both passions and give yourself an outstanding advantage:)

The fear to follow your dreams may never go away but the trick to overcoming that fear is to push through it and the treat is the learning experience and success that awaits you. Muahahaha!:)



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