Progressing Gradually and Balancing Full-Time Volunteering

It is experience that sums up what your reasons are when you tell someone why you are fit for a job and/or when you try to explain why you have so much knowledge of something. Experience does not have to be synonymous to your working experience. It can encompass your intellectual skills, your interpersonal skills, your physical abilities or the experience that you have gained form working for someone, an organization or for yourself. This conception makes it difficult to decipher why most retail stores in Canada do not hire people who have no previous retail experience. Someone who has never worked in retail but is armed with interpersonal skills and a wealth of knowledge may be able to do a better job than a more experienced retail salesperson. This is not to say that prior experience related to that dream job that you want is not necessary. It is extremely necessary.

As you work towards hitting your big career goal, try to get as much related experience and knowledge as you can. It is okay to accept that volunteer job even though you know that your output will deserve a substantial monetary pay. From that volunteer job, it is fine to transition to a job that does not pay enough for the skills that you have and for all the results that your hard work is yielding. However, it is not okay to keep settling for less than you are worth. The main use of experience is for it to open pathways that will gradually lead to the actualization of your dream(s) which should BIG:)

It is hard to control your inner perplexity and shock when you attend a networking event and listen to a young man of probably not up to age 35 call himself a “full-time volunteer”. It is a beautiful thing to be actively involved in tending to your society’s needs for free, but you must also care about yourself. It is not selfishness, it is self-love. Also, caring about yourself enough to want to make some money will arm you with more resources to use in helping others. Volunteer full-time for your volunteer career, but also get paid for doing something else that your heart okays you to accept money for. 

Take time to map out your goals. You can do this by paper or in your mind. Set goals to be of help to people and your community without hoping for anything in return, except the success of your efforts. Also, set goals to make money. Like I stated earlier, that resource can cater to several important needs including your social change desires. So, do not be solely a full-time volunteer. Empower yourself financially, as well.



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