Self-Reinforcement: A Necessary Activity

The hustles and bustles, as well as the evils, disappointments and rejections that come with life, definitely have the ability to change our focus, occasionally. We start to focus on the things that are not going well and sometimes, we focus on imaginary issues. It’s inevitable to be sad about life issues (including self-imagined issues), that we experience, but we can lessen the pressure for ourselves. How? By appreciating the person that you are. The person who through all life’s troubles, is still holding on. 

When we compliment people who are sad, on how amazing they are and on how they have accomplished a lot, they feel better. Do we transfer that love to ourselves though? I look down on myself a lot of times; sometimes I care about what others may think about me; and I get stressed out when I am yet to attain success at something that I want (this one really relates to the focus for today’s post). However, in the process of thinking of what to write on today, I remembered how I encourage one of the most special people in my life when this person is in doubt because of hardwork that is yet to yield success, and rejection. Then, I also remembered how uplifting my positive words usually are to that special person, so I asked myself: Why don’t you transfer your ability to be positive in times of doubt for another person, to yourself as well? 

It is okay to temporarily quit from things that you have been unsuccessful at for a while. It is fine and necessary to do something fun when your thoughts keep rotating around negative things. No matter how well things are going for you, take a break sometimes. Take a break to have fun, read a book, reflect on the positive aspects of your life and also, on areas where you really need to improve; while still keeping track of your goal(s). Whenever you begin to reminisce on negative events or begin to think of current ones and imaginary ones, push yourself to relax. Try to take your mind away from all the negative distractions by reflecting on all the good things that you have done in life, and be appreciative of the person that you are. Reflect on all your academic or professional achievements; the fact that you maintain a good relationship with your family and friends; how friendly and fun you are; how you contribute positively to your community, e.t.c.

There is always a rewarding feeling of happiness and encouragement that I experience when I reflect on the positive things that I have done/that I am doing, and on the situations that I have overcome, in times of worry. 

My Question For You?

– What do you do to encourage yourself, in your times of sadness, doubt and/or when you are imagining the occurrence of problems?

Love & Peace,


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