Sometimes, It’s Okay Not To Spend Your Time On ‘Promising Opportunities’

Trying to understand when or what is ‘the right opportunity’ is definitely a task worth doing. Don’t say ‘Yes’, if you have not taken enough time to think about an opportunity and do not rush towards it, if you have not looked at its possible pros and cons.

I am one to lose sleep over a good opportunity and I will tackle it, before I sleep. In certain instances, the sleepless nights over rose-coloured openings turn out to be worth the while. Other times, they are unsuccessful. Recently, I took my time and even employed the time of others, in an effort to win two separate awards that I was interested in. I had experience for both awards that I wanted to win, however I did not have enough experience. You may be thinking, “Didn’t you know this before you applied for the awards?” Well, yes I did. I had the feeling that I only possessed some, not ALL of what it takes to win the awards that I applied for, but I wanted to try still. 


It is good to make an attempt. That act is what makes people successful. However, when you know that an opportunity that you are interested in will take a lot of effort from you, make sure that you review all its criteria, the pros and cons e.t.c. Be sure that you meet at least 80% of the requirements for that opportunity. It definitely is hard to watch an opening that we find very attractive pass by, but never forget that a similar or even better one will come by another time. Life is full of unlimited possibilities. Use the time that you plan to put into filling a long application form, sending e-mails to possible references, writing a CV, waiting in line at the bank to withdraw some money for an application form e.t.c, to make plans on how to acquire more experiences that align with your dream opportunities.

The disappointment from my award applications has taught me that it is okay to miss out on one opportunity, if the probability of success at winning it is not so high. I was recently spending lots of time looking into an opportunity that I am very interested in. However, I know that I do not meet up to the requirements so much (not even up to 80%). So, I want to skip out on it till I meet up to even more than 80% of the requirements, when the opportunity comes up again in a while.

My Question For You

– How do you tackle opportunities that really interest you? Do you rush at them without much ado or do you look at the pros and cons of them and your own ability, before you give the opportunities a go?

Let me know!



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