Make that purchase, Flip that cover, Click on that post – Read lots!

“Knowledge is power”. Yes!! The more you acquire knowledge, the more powerful you become. One of the best ways to possess knowledge is by reading … by reading lots of things. Reading arms people with a great deal of knowledge. The more you read, the more confident you are in making arguments on a particular subject; the better you can connect with your audience on a particular subject; the more you succeed in your academics. To cut the story short, the more you read, the closer you move to the peak of your life goals.

Reading has definitely turned my life around in a very positive way. In high school, reading my textbooks was my one of my greatest pet-peeves and that attitude definitely affected my performance in some courses, adversely. I am an undergraduate Public Administration student now and I value my course textbooks even more than my course notes, sometimes. To the knowledge that I have gained from my professor during a considerably short lecture period, I gain more by taking more time to read my very detailed (usually) textbooks. Outside of the classroom, I confidently engage in conversations that revolve around the things that I have learnt in school because I have armed myself by reading my textbooks often.

Reading blogposts or newspaper articles or novels often are also ways through which you can increase your wealth of knowledge. Blogposts and novels in particular have a way of influencing our lifestyles. You probably have that moment when you read someone’s novel or blogpost and you feel like “Wow! So I am not alone?”, “Wow! That worked for you? I have been doubting myself” e.t.c. I especially find reading blogposts that relate to my interests very encouraging because they are not made up stories but real-life events and practices that the writer has been through or is still going through. It is easy to connect with people who share your interests, when they share their story because it might be similar to yours or it may paint a picture of what you can achieve by following your heart.

I am not the storyreading-loving person that I used to be when I was about 11 or so, but I am planning to make a significant improvement this summer. It is with that knowledge of the healing power of true life stories that I wrote about in the previous paragraph that I decided to buy the book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I bought that book in April this year; at a time when I was trying to heal from constant depression. I started reading it in May. I am still on the book – remember what I said about losing my storyreading-loving habit? Lol!

Arm your self with confidence and wisdom constantly – read lots!

Happy reading,


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