Moving Your Talent(s) Beyond You

We have all probably heard someone say: Everyone is talented in their own way. Maybe you have heard that statement in different wordings, but it is true. Every individual has a talent or has talents. Talent is invisible when it is not being used perhaps because it is yet to be discovered; because of nervousness, doubts or procrastination. Talent is personal. Your talent may be discovered by someone other than you, but it is still personal. You choose whether to gain from your talent, your personal resource or not. Reflect on your hobbies and think of a way to create something big out of one or all of them. If you like to sing, apply to showcase your talent at events, even if it is for free. Use every possible opportunity to express your talent and let people recognize your it. As time goes on, you will be on demand; people will feel the need to express your talent for you. People could eventually pay for your talent, your personal resource, because you have publicized it and they view it to be of value. These hold for whatever your talent is. Talent is personal but when you build upon it with true love and appreciation of your personal resource(s), talent becomes interpersonal. Others will be inspired and motivated by your talent. This is what it should be like. Do not feel that you are better off working for someone till retirement age hits and then there should be nothing to do. Build on your own talent. You can work for the government or for someone while you are also working on your own talent, as long as there is no conflict of interest. Entrepreneurship is where talent takes us. If you choose to be public with your talent, you will take risks; you will have to be open to criticism with the awareness that it sometimes hurts. An entrepreneur has to expect (this expectation may not be instant) even strangers to send moving compliments. What has been personal becomes inter-personal. Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela are two of my many inspirations when it comes to community service and social justice. Thus, I will call them entrepreneurs as through their publicized personal passion/talent, they motivated and continue to motivate me to use writing to publicize my own passions with the aim of inspiring others to take action. Do not shy away from your talent. It is your personal resource. Each individual probably has more than one talent. Build upon your favourite one, at least. Use your talent to make you stand-out. Use it to make you indispensable. Use it to earn a living. Also, use it to inspire others to use theirs. Remember this: Talent is personal, but when used well, it becomes interpersonal.

My questions for you:

– How do you showcase your talent?

– What are the challenges that you have faced as a result? How did you overcome those challenges?



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